Monday, April 27, 2009

Tulip Festival

Saturday we went to the Tulip Festival near Beaverton. It was so gorgeous, despite the rain. But I guess the rain should always be expected living in this state.

We also stopped by the Portland Temple, which was also beautiful, and also surrounded by tulips.

This little man is now 3 months, and tipping the scale at 16 pounds and easily fitting into 6 months size clothing. He must be sneaking in food behind my back because I swear he's not eating enough from me to weigh this much. He's down to 6 feedings a day, 20 mins. a feeding. Not unusual, right? He's our little chunk.

Harrison update: We email daily. Thank goodness for modern day technology! I can't imagine corresponding through snail mail. He has visited the pyramids, and the Valley of the Kings. I needed Wikipedia for that one. He's loving it over there, although the nine hour time difference gave him quite the jet lag. He is currently staying at a hotel overlooking the Nile. A little surreal, ya think? Pictures to come soon! (As soon as I get some from him, that is) I love and miss you, Mr. Smith.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I write to you from the great Northwest. For my faithful readers who may not know, Harrison will be in Amman, Jordan this summer. For his 3rd year of Arabic, BYU wants their MESA (Middle Eastern Studies, Arabic) students to study in the Middle East. Right now he is on a plane to Egypt, where they will spend ten days touring. Then he will spend about 3 months studying at the Amman University (University of Amman?...Jordan University...??). Following which they will spend another ten days in Israel, seeing the sights there. Despite the fact that I won't see my husband for 123 days (but who's counting, right?) I've decided to have a good summer, and to be very grateful for the things I do have.

I'm grateful my parents are letting me and little Jack live with them in Oregon this summer.
I'm grateful Mom and Dad Smith helped us pack and move all of our stuff into storage. (we COULDN'T have done it without you!)
I'm grateful I have little Jack here with me.
I'm grateful he slept the entire plane ride here.
I'm grateful to be living in such a beautiful state. So green! - I'm anxious to explore.
I'm grateful that Harrison gets such a neat opportunity.
I'm grateful for the new huge bed I'm currently sleeping in in the guest bedroom (and even a little grateful I don't have to share it...)
I'm grateful for Skype and my webcam.
I'm also grateful for family, friends, the gospel, and chocolate, as they will help get me through the next four months :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

If you've never watched this show, you've been missing out. This show finds families across the country who are need of a new home, and they build them one that meets their individual needs, which are usually somewhat unique. Without sounding too overly dramatic, this show has seriously impacted my life with the most inspiring stories of these amazing people overcoming such enormous challenges in their lives.

I just watched the most incredible episode. This couple has adopted six special needs children from China; one is blind, one is deaf, one has a deformity in his hand, etc. They are raising these 7 children (one being their birth son) in a home that is falling apart, and they lack the finances to properly restore it. Not only that, but the father has just been diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. You can't make this stuff up.

So tonight, instead of watching a romantic comedy, cuddle up with your hubbies (or wives for you studly male bloggers out there!) and watch this inspiring program.

Episode 22 - Part 1 & 2

And don't forget the Kleenex.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

You can't make me.

It's almost midnight and I told myself I wouldn't go to sleep until I at least packed something. Now is actually prime packing time because little Jack won't need me for several hours, and I work best at night anyways. But why is it so hard to get started? I only have 4 packing days left, and I don't have one box pac--oh wait, I have one packed. But I have yet to put tape on it and seal it up so that doesn't really count. I'm beginning to think this whole moving thing is going to be a little bit of a hassle. Unfortunately, with Harrison choosing a career in the military, this will be a fate I'm afraid I will face many times. Earlier I decided to start with the books - pack those first. But I came across some old journals, and we spent the whole night reading through them and reminiscing about our courtship, engagement, and early married life. Quality time? Yes. Productive time? No. Now Harrison is asleep, and I'm eating goldfish and stalling for as long as possible.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Almost Summer

10 days until Harrison leaves for Amman, Jordan.
9 days until I leave for Beaverton, Oregon.
8 is the number of projects I have thought of to keep me busy this summer.
7 days until Mom and Dad Smith are here!
6 days until our LAST Sunday in BYU 75th ward :(
5 reasons I'm excited to upgrade to our new apartment in the fall.
4 months Mr. Smith and I will be apart.

3 weeks is the longest we have been apart until now.
2 hour flight with a new baby may be a challenge.
1 summer.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm in Love

I'm in love with 3 things:

1. My Husband
2. Chocolate
3. Photography

I just finished my last week of my photography class and i LOVED it!! Brooke really knows her stuff and I feel like I've learned so much from her! Here are some photos from my last week of "homework". Thanks to the future Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn for all of the help!! I told them I wanted to take pictures of a couple that was beautiful and in love and Matt said, "Well, Kim is beautiful and I'm in love so I think this will work." You guys are too cute :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can't Complain

Life is so ridiculously wonderful. I complain way too much. "I need new clothes...I can't wait to get out of this apartment...I wish we had more money..." I think there are some points in our life when we realize how lucky we really are and we have that "Ah-ha" moment. Yesterday was that moment for me.

I learned yesterday that a childhood friend's father unexpectedly passed away. He was very young. The oldest of his kids being my age, with many more little ones at home. I haven't really spoken to this girl since we were probably ten, but thanks to facebook, we have kept up on each other's lives, although very little. Despite the fact that we aren't close anymore at all, I was so heartbroken when I heard the news, and it brought me to tears. I don't know if it's because I consider myself to be really close to my own father, and I can't imagine how hard that would be. Or maybe because I'm now married, and the thought of losing Harrison so tragically is something I won't even allow myself to think about. Or maybe because I have little Jack now, and I couldn't bear raising him alone or him not knowing his own father.

Believe it or not, this post is supposed to be uplifting. I am so lucky. I have been so incredibly blessed my entire life and I need to recognize it more. I also have the Gospel in my life which allows me to keep an eternal perspective, and I know that even when trials do come my way, and I know they will, I can have the knowledge of the Atonement to help me through them.

No more complaining from me. How ungrateful would I be if I did?