Friday, March 30, 2012

One year older and wiser too

I swear just yesterday I was a Senior in high school, hanging out with friends, staying up late, and was most concerned about my plans for the upcoming weekend.
Now I'm a twenty something, married woman, mother of two...When did that happen?
Life is a little harder now, a bit more complicated, but a 100 times better than it was when I was 18.
I was thinking about this a lot on my birthday this year.

Jack was kind enough to share his cold germs with his little brother, and Fisher's poor little body was not taking it well.  I woke up last Tuesday to his horrible wheezing, coughing, and more throwing up (this had become a daily occurrence). I took him to the doctor who then sent me to the ER to get x-rays to check for pneumonia.  That thought was slightly terrifying.  Something about the words "baby" and "pneumonia" being in the same sentence makes me nervous.  Luckily he was completely fine, just a bad virus he needed to get through.  And it only took a measly 5.5 hours at the ER to find this out.  My mom came to town to watch the boys for us while we escaped to Seattle for the Darius Rucker (for Harrison) Lady Antebellum (for me) concert. Our plans of a fancy dinner downtown turned into a drive-thru run at Taco Bell because we were running short on time due to our visit at the hospital, but it was a such a fun evening (and a much needed date night with my husband).  Thanks to mom for watching my sickie boys that night, and to Liz for watching Jack basically the whole day.

 Thanks to my IPhone for getting at least some pictures of my life - despite the poor quality.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jackie Boy

Jack hates when we call him "Jackie boy".  
He always says, "No I'm not Jackie Boy, I'm Jack!"
He is hilarious. He comes up with the funniest things to say.
Like the other day when he was downstairs, and I was in his room, picking up a couple of things off his floor, then moved on to my room.  
He comes upstairs, looks in his room, comes to me, grabs my hand, and asks,
"Awh mom, did you clean my room?"
"Yes, I did."
"Thanks mom" (in a "you-didn't-have-to-do-that" sort of voice)
Then proceeded to shake my hand and walk away.

Or this morning when he said, "I'm thirsty."
I said, "okay, I'll get you some juice."
to which he replied (a little condescendingly, I might add) "oh no no no no no, I'll have chocolate milk."
My mistake... 

And Mr. Smarty Pants wrote his own name last week!
 (and as a true son of a soldier, pretending the whiteboard marker is a gun...)