Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If I can do it, you can do it.

I'm usually not the "tutorial type" of blogger, but I had to share this one with you. A little shout out to my friend, Pinterest for helping me.  Our guest bed is a bed we inherited from Harrison's grandmother when we got married and I've been wanting to upgrade the headboard.  It was a little time consuming, especially when it came to individually nailing in the trim, but I love the end results!

Original headboard - in great shape, I just wanted to modernize it a bit
I cut foam (I think one inch thick...) to fill in the inside of the already framed headboard and glued it to the wood
 Then I covered the entire headboard with quilting batting and used a staple gun to staple it in the back, then repeated the same step with fabric, making sure it was really tight.
 Then I individually nailed every single nailhead for the trim by hand.  It also comes as attached rows of nailheads that would have been faster, but in my opinion it didn't look quite as nice. For each nailhead, I first took a real nail and hammered it in a bit to "pave the way" for the nailhead trim and I found the trim went in much easier. It took about 250 nails, a rubber mallet, and two nights of Olympics watching, to finish the trim but I love it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear Time,

Please slow down! I swear it was only yesterday, I became a mom for the first time to a sweet, little, blue-eyed boy. He was a little chunk who could sleep in my arms, and I knew exactly how to make him stop crying. For entertainment, Harrison and I would just watch him sleep and play, and we couldn't get enough of him.

Now, that baby will be four in a few months.  He makes us laugh everyday with his silly voices, funny jokes, and curiosity.  He loves anything to do with a ball, singing, dancing, and superheroes. As of late, he calls Harrison Captain America, I am Fantastic Four (which yes, I realize is four people), and it's only when he is Batman, that Fisher becomes Robin.

Where have the years gone? As much as I love the little boy Mr. Jack is becoming, I'm sad to know he is growing up!

The Mother of a Preschooler

Monday, September 10, 2012

Smith Week Review

Smith week was spent at a gorgeous cabin near Stevens Pass, WA.

The view from the deck at the cabin!

We went to a cute little German town, Leavenworth
These two were the best of friends! Fisher (10 months) and Boston (13 months)
Walking around Leavenworth, WA

My nephew Jacob, and Dad Smith
We had a picnic at a park

The boys went fishing
 We sat around the campfire
Jack LOVED telling campfire stories
Kalee and Fisher
The whole gang in our sweet "Smith shirts" :)

Kalee, Mom Smith, Grandma Smith, Liz, and me
The grandsons! Fisher (10 months) Jacob (7) Jack (3 1/2) Boston (13 months)
 We played down by the river

It was so great to spend so much time with my Smith family who hasn't all been together (although we missed McKay!) since Christmas 2010! This was the first time Mom and Dad Smith have met Fisher since they are living so far away in the U.A.E. near Dubai. Thanks for a wonderful week! Hoping it won't be another year and a half until we're together again!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Poulson Week Recap

We were lucky enough to spend two weeks of August with our families!

The first week was spent with the Poulson clan in Eagle Crest, OR - outside of Bend.
The resort we stayed at had so much to do!
We spent the week playing tennis, swimming, hiking, white water rafting, playing games, and watching movies.
So much fun!

Harrison, Me, Lindsay, tour guide, James, Dad, Emma, JW

Jack with Lindsay (and my soon to be niece or nephew!) and JW
Emma, James, and Mom
Mom and Dad Smith, Kalee, and Boston had come into town a couple days before we got home, and were staying at our house so we all met up at a park halfway between my parents house in Vancouver, and our house in Lacey.  Harrison's parents and my parents were friends before we even met (in fact, that's how we met!) so we couldn't pass up a chance to get everyone together!
Mom Smith, Fisher, and Kalee
Dad Smith, Fisher, and Dad Poulson
My sweet little nephew, Boston

Fisher is 3 months younger than Boston, but that didn't make him shy!

My sweet grandmother

We had such a blast during "Poulson week"! We miss Linds and JW so much - since we only get to see them once or twice a year. Thanks mom and dad for the awesome week!