Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If I can do it, you can do it.

I'm usually not the "tutorial type" of blogger, but I had to share this one with you. A little shout out to my friend, Pinterest for helping me.  Our guest bed is a bed we inherited from Harrison's grandmother when we got married and I've been wanting to upgrade the headboard.  It was a little time consuming, especially when it came to individually nailing in the trim, but I love the end results!

Original headboard - in great shape, I just wanted to modernize it a bit
I cut foam (I think one inch thick...) to fill in the inside of the already framed headboard and glued it to the wood
 Then I covered the entire headboard with quilting batting and used a staple gun to staple it in the back, then repeated the same step with fabric, making sure it was really tight.
 Then I individually nailed every single nailhead for the trim by hand.  It also comes as attached rows of nailheads that would have been faster, but in my opinion it didn't look quite as nice. For each nailhead, I first took a real nail and hammered it in a bit to "pave the way" for the nailhead trim and I found the trim went in much easier. It took about 250 nails, a rubber mallet, and two nights of Olympics watching, to finish the trim but I love it!


Hillary Williams said...

VERY nice! I'm totally impressed! It's so fun to transform something old into something FABULOUS! Great job!!! You could totally make money doing that in your "free time" if you wanted! :) people would buy it!! Domestic Diva!

Merrick said...

Nice job!! Looks fabulous!!

Snyderemarks said...

Beautiful job Christine! I love the bedding and punch of yellow.

Lindsay Gillon said...

you're such a great mom and homemaker! Thanks for inspiring us! :)

Chelsea said...

i love this!!!! totally pinned.