Sunday, October 14, 2012

I can do hard things.

I've been putting this post off for months, and trying to decide how to go about it. So,  here goes:

Harrison will be leaving next month for a deployment to Afghanistan for nine months.
It turns out that sentence is difficult to both say, and type. No wonder I've been avoiding telling people.  There have been rumors about this deployment since we moved here nearly a year ago, but it was made official about 6 months ago.  I kept telling myself, "It's so far away, don't think about it now..." but now that he will be leaving in a matter of weeks, I'm doing my best to be realistic about it.

The Bad (and probably the most obvious)
Nine months is a long time apart.  A very, very long time.
Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be right now, and Harrison is in the Infantry branch of the Army, meaning it is he and his guys who will be on the ground, doing the majority of the fighting and missions in his area. I try not to dwell on that part.
I worry about my boys being away from their dad for so long.  Even if Skype is available, it's obviously not the same as Harrison being here to play and interact with them.
I worry about myself as a single parent.  I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

The Good
My family is two hours away, and Harrison's brother and his wife are 15 minutes away. I am thankful for these blessings everyday.
I have so much to keep me busy while Harrison is gone - the boys, church responsibilities, teaching within Jack's co-op preschool group, and being the Family Readiness Group Leader for Harrison's company (which is looking after the well-being of the 120+ Soldiers' families).
I have a support system here of friends whose husbands will also be deployed - we'll be in this together.
My church community is awesome.  There are so many  members who I know will look out for my little family.
His deployment is only 9 months.  I say that because some of these men have had deployments that have lasted as long as 18 months.

The Great
Harrison has trained for this for a long time.  He is honored to serve, and I am honored to be married to him. This is his profession. When many people hear he is deploying, their response is "I'm sorry..." He definitely is not sorry to be going.  Of course, he doesn't want to leave his family, but he has prepared for this, and is looking forward to fighting for our country.  I'm so proud of him and what he does.  He is so passionate about defending our freedoms, and protecting our blessed nation. We are honored to join the cause in which so many soldiers and families have sacrificed. Realizing that Harrison is not the first who has had to leave his home and serve, we are grateful for those who have gone before to keep this nation safe and free.  

So, it's time to put my big girl pants on.  I can do hard things.  And as Harrison's awesome Battalion Commander said to some of us wives recently, "You are not victims. You are some of the greatest people in the world.  Your husband is leaving and you're going to stay home and kick ... [butt] while he's gone."

I have good days and bad days as we prepare for the months ahead, but for now we're taking advantage of the time we have together.


Amanda and Miles said...

Hang in there! You can do it...and it's amazing what you can do when the Lord is helping you. If you have too just think one day at a time.

The Cornett Family said...

Ahhh Christine!! You CAN do hard things! This post is perfectly put. Josten is leaving next October (I'm still in the "It's a far way off" phase), and though I will miss him and worry about him being infantry, I am so happy for his opportunity to serve. I know you will do great, and just think that it's only 3 ranger schools in length!! You've already done one of the hardest things, giving birth without your husband. You are strong, and will be able to do this!!

The Cornett Family said...
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The Chadwicks said...

You are so strong!!!! And such an AWESOME mother!!!! I look up to you so much! You CAN do hard things!! LOVE YOU!!

Lindsey said...

WoW, You are SO strong. Your family will be in our prayers. May Heavenly Father Bless Harrison and his willingness to serve and the support you give him! You are a wonderful and supportive wife, loving mother and faithful daughter of God. YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS.

jordan and maci said...

you are an amazing family! thank you--both of you--for your dedicated and selfless service to our country!

Chalyse n Ryan said...

Yes you can do hard things! I really do admire women like you. You are so strong and you will be such a good support for your husband! Good luck, you can do it :)

Sara said...

You are wonderful! I hope that all goes well for both of you while Harrison is gone.

Lindsay Gillon said...

you are my hero christine

Merrick said...

This post was so inspiring! Philip is gone for 5 days right now and I'm feeling like that is a long time. No more complaining from me...

If anyone can do this, you can! We'll be praying for Harrison's safety, and your sanity :)

Nicole said...

Congrats on getting this out! Tough stuff, tough stuff! You are one tough mama! I will be praying for you and your family! It's amazing how Heavenly Father can step in and fill/support/comfort you in the areas you are lacking! GO Christine!What an exciting time for Harrison to go forth and serve our country and hard/scary many emotions! LOVE YOU!

Austin and Kristen Bennion said...
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Austin and Kristen Bennion said...

You CAN do hard things! I was just away from my husband for just over 3 months this summer due to military obligations, and although he wasn't gone for 9 months or in Afghanistan, the kids and I survived! You can do it! Keep yourself busy and let others help you when they offer! Even if they don't offer, ask for help when you need it! One of the greatest things you can do in life is serve your country and Harrison (and you also for sacrificing your husband for 9 months) is doing just that! Keep your head up momma! You guys are setting a great example for your children and they will learn that serving their country is important. Try to remember it's only temporary! Rock this girl! You got it!

Ben, Hannah, & Baby Jane said...

You are the best! I can't wait to see you in January. I know this post was so hard to write but it was so good. And we love Harrison! We are grateful that he is serves our country. Plus he is such a good example to all the people around him and the people he is working with are lucky people to be working with him.