Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Project

  When Harrison and I were first married and living the poor student, Provo life, we needed two items of furniture desperately.  A dresser and a desk.  One day, (I think it was even my birthday...) we were driving home, and a huge student complex was taking out all of their old furniture to bring in new pieces.  And what was in their parking lot? Dozens and dozens of dressers and desks.  They were going to be taken to Goodwill, but anyone who wanted them could take them. Being the low budget newlyweds we were, we were pumped to find the very pieces we needed for our little basement apartment.  This desk was definitely past its prime and after 4 years of trying to ignore it, we finally gave it a makeover. A couple trips to Home Depot, a bit of paint, new hardware, and we love it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Birthday Getaway

Mr. Smith turned 26 on Saturday, and we went on a 24 hour date to celebrate. We dropped off the kiddos at my parents' house that morning (THANK YOU POULSON GANG!!) and went to the Portland LDS Temple, then headed off to hike all day.  Harrison planned a couple of hikes that he really wanted to do, and the weather was perfect! Which is truly a blessing here in the Northwest.  The first hike he wanted to do was through a slot canyon - a first for me.  We started walking along the stream, with the water ankle deep.  It was cold, but so shallow that it wasn't a big deal.  Then we came to a HUGE log jam that we had to climb over to get to our end goal at the end of the stream, lower Oneonta waterfall. Our feet were slippery, and if you fell off, it would definitely hurt, to say the least.  It was [really] scary at times!! Once we got through that part, people were hiking back from the waterfall, soaking wet.  We asked how high the water got, and someone said up their neck.  Now, we definitely weren't planning for this.  We knew it was possible, but knowing it was July we figured (or maybe I just hoped) that the water wouldn't be that high, but soon we got to the part of the stream that I could tell I would basically have to swim through because the water was so deep!  Besides the fact that the water was freezing cold, I was wearing a white shirt, people.  Considering we still had a 5 mile hike ahead of us, I wasnt going to be able to get through this part alone.  So Harrison, being the superman that he is, carried our backpack with our lunch in it to the safe side of the stream, and came back to give me a piggyback ride across the deepest part.  I have never loved him so much.  I still got wet a little above my waist, but it was a much better alternative. The waterfall was beautiful, and after hanging out there for a while (and Harrison swimming - crazy!) we headed back out of the slot canyon the same way we came in.  Then we continued on our other hikes in beautiful Oregon!  We kept saying all day that we officially felt like Northwesterners now. 

Pictures in iPhone quality...

Then we went back into town, went to dinner, saw a movie, and stayed the night in a cute little hotel. When we went back Sunday morning to pick up the boys, we realized that was the longest time Harrison and I have been alone together since before Jack was born! We've done over night trips before, but they were even shorter than 24 hours. It was a much needed, welcomed break!

Happy birthday to my sweet, successful, spiritual, hunky husband. Thanks for choosing me! Love you!