Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vote for Me!!

Last year I took a few weekly classes from a local photographer, Brooke Snow and she was so so so awesome. I learned so much, and it really fueled my love for photography. Shortly after that, she moved to Logan, UT and that made it impossible for me to take her weekly advanced classes. But she's now offering a free 2 day private session to one lucky person, and guess who that one lucky person wants to be?? ME!! Unfortunately, I'm one of 100 people who want this as well...so that's where you come in!! She has listed those people on her blog, and has left it up to our friends (that's you!) to vote for us!!

So please, please, PLEASE
Vote for Christine Smith here It takes 2 seconds!! And we're allowed one vote per computer, so maximize those laptops, PCs, and (any random computer to happen to walk by! haha...but seriously) Voting ends Sunday night Feb 28th!

If I won it would provide an amazing opportunity with a photography mentor I already know and love!!

Thank youuuu :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Cat in the Hat

Warning: this is a long video, but it's just so dang cute. Jack loves when his dad reads to him.
(Make sure you also check out how jack crosses his ankles so properly.)

Life is so good.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Apologies to Mickey D's

After taking Jack to the doctor this week, and explaining how Harrison and I were sick last week from food poisoning, she suggested that it probably wasn't food poisoning after all. But that there is a virus going around and it effects people differently. She said Harrison and I probably got the sickness that Jack had, except way worse, and we got over it faster than he did. But all is well again in the Smith home - everyone is healthy. and I'm sorry, McDonald's for blaming you for our sickness. I will continue to eat your chicken nuggets - although it may not be for awhile...

Monday, February 1, 2010

TGIM - Thank Goodness It's Monday!!

Last week was not one I'd like to repeat any time soon!!
Jack has been sick in ways that I won't describe in detail, but lets just say I've had to do a TON of extra laundry lately, change a TON of messy diapers, and he had to go without dairy for a few days. We're still working on this one, and hopefully the doctor will be able to help the little guy today.

Wednesday afternoon both Harrison and I were feeling really sick, and within an hour of each other we were both throwing up!! It didn't take very long to realize that the McDonald's we had the night before was a bad idea. We spent the next 36+ hours getting it our of systems and it was AWFUL!! I have never been that sick. Ever. Dare I even say that I was in more pain the day after eating McDonald's than I was the day after I had Jack?? At least when Jack was born I had a brand new baby to play and cuddle with!! But Jack was so good to play by himself on the floor in the family room while his pathetic parents couldn't even get off the couch for two days.

And to top it all off, Thursday night, Jack hit his mouth on his crib railing which gave him a bloody lip and upper gum! Then, 20 minutes later he was crawling around and hit his mouth on something again in the exact same spot - which resulted in even more blood! Poor little guy.
So we spent the weekend recovering from our illnesses and now it's my task today to find our house again underneath all the dishes, dirty laundry, and mess.
Wish me luck.

We did have one good thing happen last week before all the madness. Mr. Smith and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary! We went to a play in Salt Lake, and grabbed some quick dinner on the way up there at, you guessed it...McDonald's.