Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vote for Me!!

Last year I took a few weekly classes from a local photographer, Brooke Snow and she was so so so awesome. I learned so much, and it really fueled my love for photography. Shortly after that, she moved to Logan, UT and that made it impossible for me to take her weekly advanced classes. But she's now offering a free 2 day private session to one lucky person, and guess who that one lucky person wants to be?? ME!! Unfortunately, I'm one of 100 people who want this as well...so that's where you come in!! She has listed those people on her blog, and has left it up to our friends (that's you!) to vote for us!!

So please, please, PLEASE
Vote for Christine Smith here It takes 2 seconds!! And we're allowed one vote per computer, so maximize those laptops, PCs, and (any random computer to happen to walk by! haha...but seriously) Voting ends Sunday night Feb 28th!

If I won it would provide an amazing opportunity with a photography mentor I already know and love!!

Thank youuuu :)


Amy and Bryan said...

i voted for you Christine, Good luck! and it was so fun to see you the other night.

Nicole said...

okay, both comp. check
ps love the new family photo!