Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Awaiting Baby

Crib? Check.
Diapers? Check.
Stroller? Check.
Car Seat? Check.
Way too many adorable baby clothes/blankets? Check.
Sleepless nights due to baby kicks, Braxton Hicks, and frequent trips to the restroom? Check.

There's only one thing missing :)

Went to another doctor's appointment yesterday...still no difference from the last time. C'mon, little Jack we're waiting!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

36 Weeks

YAY!!! The countdown has begun!! 4 weeks left :) Doctor visits are now weekly, and yesterday he gave me some fun facts:

As of right now:
I'm 1cm. dilated
I'm 65% effaced
The baby is head down
The Doctor thinks he will be born 7-7 1/2 lbs

I'm getting so excited!! Tomorrow is my last day of work, and I'm becoming more and more anxious to have our little boy here with us. I feel like there's so much to still get ready...but i don't know what!! Mothers, please advise!

There is a bit of sad news though...it's my ankles, or lack thereof. I guess I haven't really seen them in a while to notice this before. It's hard to see below my stomach, and it's winter so I'm constantly wearing pants and/or socks so I hadn't noticed until the Dr.'s appointment, but I have swollen ankles!! My bragging right for no-swelling is gone.

We're heading home to Las Vegas for Christmas on Sunday and coming home the day after Christmas. (the Doc thinks this baby could come early...hopefully not that early, but we're not taking any chances!!)


Saturday, December 13, 2008


I only have ONE week of work left.
I have less than TWO weeks until Christmas at home.
I have THREE Christmas presents left to buy.
I have a little over FOUR weeks until my due date
I have FIVE days until my next Doctor's appointment and depending on how that goes will determine some of the above mentioned...

Belly pictures to come soon. I've gotten a LITTLE bit bigger since I've last shown you :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

I've always wanted to learn how to take pictures...good pictures. I LOVE looking at pictures and seeing the different edits that can improve the shot. A couple of months ago I even downloaded a editing program and have spent many hours editing old pictures I already had. Harrison knows this and for awhile we played with the idea of getting a nice DSLR camera for Christmas, but a few months ago i let go of that idea knowing how expensive they were, and how we didn't really need it. But earlier this week Harrison (being the Mr. Wonderful that he is) found a good used camera on KSL.com for a really good deal. Needless to say, Santa came a little early this year :)

Okay, now i have 6 weeks until this baby comes, so I have 6 weeks to practice so I can make those "only cute to the parents" pictures adorable for all of you!! I'm so excited to learn more about photography. When Harrison is in the Middle East this summer I'm planning on taking a photography class to help me improve and to keep my busy while he's away :)

Here's our new addition:

Isn't she pretty??