Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Post You've Been Waiting For

Now that the Carrie dust has settled, look at the cool pictures we got!! The concert was truly amazing. She is so incredibly talented. Meeting her was so fun as well. Honestly, she wasn't as overwhelming friendly as I imagined, but I think that was just because she's probably not one to be comfortable with all of these star-struck fans waiting in line to take a picture with her and get an autograph. Once she got on stage she was a completely different person. It seemed like that was her comfort zone. We didn't have exactly FRONT row seats, more like 6th row, but we weren't complaining :) We were right next to the stage in the center.

Little Big Town opened for her

Look at all the poor, poor people sitting behind us

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Carry who you Married for Carrie

Last week I was at work (and working hard...) when they announced on the radio to call in now to win Carrie Underwood concert tickets. I had tried calling in before and had never gotten through, but I thought I'd try anyways. I called and amazingly enough I heard ringing on the other line, and not a busy signal!! The DJ answered and asked if I could be in South Jordan the next day from 11-1. I was so confused why this was important, I clearly wasn't paying attention to the circumstances of winning these tickets on the I asked him why. he told me I had to compete with my husband in a piggyback ride competition at Harmon's grocery. This was the strangest competition I'd ever heard of, but after a little hesitation I agreed to be there. Yes, I realize I'm more than 6 months pregnant, and that I had work, and Harrison had school, but these were for free Carrie Underwood tickets..FRONT ROW Carrie Underwood tickets. So I called Harrison, and he being the wonderful husband that he is agreed to miss class (and a quiz...) to go with me :)

We got to the grocery store in South Jordan (after a night of strategic pregnancy-piggyback riding practice) to see that we were racing 14 other couples. Most of which had women that were smaller than me and the men were bigger than Harrison (sorry, honey) and some were even dressed in sweats--ready to run. We started to get a little intimidated, but thank goodness I married a competitive man, because he definitely was focused on winning. Probably more on the fact that he just wanted to win rather than actually going to the concert, but I'll take whatever motivation he needed.

To make this already long story a little shorter, we smoked everybody!! We won front row tickets, backstage passes, and a year's supply of Vitamin Water. haha we were laughing all day about it. Our winning was all about the take-off. The wives had to start with feet on the ground, so most started a few feet behind their husbands who were standing up. I suppose they wanted to get a running start and jump up behind their husbands. Not us. Harrison started in a squatting position and because I couldn't jump on his back anyways (I have a huge belly in the way...) I stood right behind him, and when they yelled "GO!" it was only a matter of me leaning forward and we were off!! haha, I'm still laughing at the ridiculousness of it all...but at least I'll be laughing while I meet Carrie Underwood :)
A little late, but here are some pictures from our first Halloween together:

Carving our Pumpkin

The finished product :)

Harrison doing an impression of our pumpkin friend.

We all dressed up at work :)

Our Halloween costume for the evening. Juno and Bleeker from "Juno". Of you haven't seen it, don't worry, you're not missing much. Thanks for the picture and the party Brandon and Lindsey!!