Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Post You've Been Waiting For

Now that the Carrie dust has settled, look at the cool pictures we got!! The concert was truly amazing. She is so incredibly talented. Meeting her was so fun as well. Honestly, she wasn't as overwhelming friendly as I imagined, but I think that was just because she's probably not one to be comfortable with all of these star-struck fans waiting in line to take a picture with her and get an autograph. Once she got on stage she was a completely different person. It seemed like that was her comfort zone. We didn't have exactly FRONT row seats, more like 6th row, but we weren't complaining :) We were right next to the stage in the center.

Little Big Town opened for her

Look at all the poor, poor people sitting behind us


Joe and Lisa said...

Awesome pics Christine! You look alot like her in the first one! You could be her look-alike! :) How fun for you and Harrison! :)

Chels said...

WOW! I found you through Liz, and I just have to say WOW!!! That is so cool!!!! Looks like a great time!!!

Merrick said...

lol, everyone's saying you look like her, and Philip said the exact same thing! You should have curled your hair that night and everyone would have been asking for your autograph...haha

Merrick said...

I just got your comment on my blog, and actually the thing I made last week WAS IN THE CROCKPOT!!! So don't worry...we've achieved the impossible together :)