Monday, April 13, 2009

Almost Summer

10 days until Harrison leaves for Amman, Jordan.
9 days until I leave for Beaverton, Oregon.
8 is the number of projects I have thought of to keep me busy this summer.
7 days until Mom and Dad Smith are here!
6 days until our LAST Sunday in BYU 75th ward :(
5 reasons I'm excited to upgrade to our new apartment in the fall.
4 months Mr. Smith and I will be apart.

3 weeks is the longest we have been apart until now.
2 hour flight with a new baby may be a challenge.
1 summer.


Merrick said...


Katie said...

whoa... sounds hard! but you can do it!

EvNic said...

ahhh!!! It's coming soo fast! We do need to talk soon!

J&L Photography & Design said...

OH no! I'm so sad you're going to leave our ward! You're the best! I'm going to miss you!