Thursday, April 23, 2009

I write to you from the great Northwest. For my faithful readers who may not know, Harrison will be in Amman, Jordan this summer. For his 3rd year of Arabic, BYU wants their MESA (Middle Eastern Studies, Arabic) students to study in the Middle East. Right now he is on a plane to Egypt, where they will spend ten days touring. Then he will spend about 3 months studying at the Amman University (University of Amman?...Jordan University...??). Following which they will spend another ten days in Israel, seeing the sights there. Despite the fact that I won't see my husband for 123 days (but who's counting, right?) I've decided to have a good summer, and to be very grateful for the things I do have.

I'm grateful my parents are letting me and little Jack live with them in Oregon this summer.
I'm grateful Mom and Dad Smith helped us pack and move all of our stuff into storage. (we COULDN'T have done it without you!)
I'm grateful I have little Jack here with me.
I'm grateful he slept the entire plane ride here.
I'm grateful to be living in such a beautiful state. So green! - I'm anxious to explore.
I'm grateful that Harrison gets such a neat opportunity.
I'm grateful for the new huge bed I'm currently sleeping in in the guest bedroom (and even a little grateful I don't have to share it...)
I'm grateful for Skype and my webcam.
I'm also grateful for family, friends, the gospel, and chocolate, as they will help get me through the next four months :)


Mallory said...

I'm so sad that all of you are so far away from us now, but I applaud your optimism!

Merrick said...

I am here for you!!!!

I will send you the rest of the Uglies books!!! (want me to??)

Metcalf's said...

I wish you the fastest 4 months ever! (even though it is going to feel like the longest).

Brittany and Dustin said...

Christine! You've been very mature about this! I would be crying like a baby! I love you! See you when you come to visit!

EvNic said...

Call me anytime!!

Mark and Mandi said...

Christine...good luck with everything! You are so good to be gone from Harrison so long. Take care and I will miss you!