Monday, March 2, 2009

Nervous Wreck

I'm usually a pretty laid-back person. It takes a lot to stress me out. But ever since little Jack was born, I worry at the smallest things!! Harrison and I had a cold last week, and unfortunately Jack has caught the sickness. I thought he was over it, but today he seems a little sick still. The doctor said because he's still so little we can't give him any medication. I know he'll be fine - It's just a cold!! He's sleeping well, he's eating well, and he doesn't have a fever. But with every little cough, it makes me so sad to see him sick!! Calling all moms: How do I relax and stop worrying so much?!


Atkinsons said...

That really will only come with time and more kids. I was the same way with Megan but I don't worry so much now with Jacob

Rachel and Jeremy said...

I, for one, hate it when my babies have a cold. It still makes me nervous! What we do is elevate the head of the bed/crib (with a blanket under the mattress on one end) and run a humidifier. It seems to make a huge difference. Other than that...I think you're normal to worry! But you're right that if he's sleeping and eating and has no fever (and no wheezy cough or breathing) that he is just fine and you probably can relax.

Becky said...

My first thought was to put on soothing music, wrap the two of you up in a quilt and just rock till you fall asleep. Reading scriptures helps too. It's hard, but when you keep an eternal perspective, the daily worries fade a bit. Hope Jack is feeling better soon so his mommy can as well.

Brittany Shae said...

How weird..Skyler is sick right now too!! Here is what I have been doing and he loves all of them:
**Warm baths with Vapor wash
**Vicks vapor rub! All over his chest and back and then put on a onsie!
**Little Noses Saline Spray is the best for stuffiness. He gets made for like half a second but then he is all clear and can breathe so then he's fine!

Cory and Megan said...

I am soo in that same boat with you. Hayden has had a stuffy, runny nose for over a week now! No fever though thank goodness. We had to take him to the hospital at 6 weeks because of a high fever that ended up being influenza.

I think all the post partum horomones have added to my stress and anxiety goin through the roof! I seriously worry about everything, especially germs(hand sanitizer is my bff). But he still gets sick. I just have to remember that it will make him stronger later. But ya the not sleeping awesome and the crying all the time... not super.

I hope cute little Jack feels better soon.