Monday, June 6, 2011

I've never driven East to get to the ocean before...

Until our trip to Savannah over Memorial Day weekend.
Harrison got to show me his old stompin' ground (he lived there for about 6 years growing up...)
This street is in his old neighborhood...have I mentioned how pretty Georgia is, yet?  
Maybe one or twice.
And we spent the whole weekend in some type of water because it's really the only way you can stand to be outside right now in the south

We walked around downtown Savannah which was beautiful!  Cobblestone streets, fun little shops, water fountains and statues on every corner, and Mr. Jack needed some coaxing to play in this fountain, and his dad may have gotten more wet than he did, but he ended up loving it!
 Saturday we went to Tybee Island to the beach, which was fun for awhile...
but we soon discovered that 2 days of no napping and a night of not sleeping well equals one unhappy little boy.  Then adding sand, sun and a huge body of water to the mix only made things worse.  Poor Jack was exhausted, and we made sure he got plenty of sleep that night

And this picture proves I was actually on this trip.  I was so worried about getting pictures of our vacation (because I'm usually terrible at this...) that I may have failed to actually get in front of the camera very often.
We also went to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina and spent some time in the pool at our hotel
Overall it was such a blast and a nice little getaway after 4 crazy months of Harrison's IBOLC training!


Merrick said...

Has it seriously been four months already???? I MISS YOUUUUUU!!!

Nicole said...

fun, fun!!! Ps. so not cool how you hide your belly with that beach ball... and you thought you were sly! :)

Kim said...

haha Nicole I was thinking the same thing - Move that beach ball!! :)

Harrison and Christine said...

haha ok i totally didn't cover my stomach on purpose...that beach ball was just huge!!