Thursday, June 16, 2011


Last week when we were in Atlanta, we discovered Jack is a boy of many talents.
We went to the Children's Museum (lots of money for little parental entertainment...)  
And Jack took his activities very seriously.
"Mom, I'm workin' the land, can't we do this later??"
 His new favorite thing to do is golf...or, "golk" as he more affectionately calls it...
 And he's not half bad either.
Although this picture doesn't show it...
I can't get enough of Mr. Jack - he cracks us up everyday.
And I'm so excited to have another one.
There's just something so sweet about little boys.


Merrick said...

Love that last picture. I miss you guys so much!

Nicole said...

cute! Jack's growing up fast!!

Krewson Family said...

He is so handsome :) I cant wait for him to teach your new little one to golk :)