Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh yeah, i have a blog...

Much has changed.
And due to a series of recent events, and after much prayer and deliberation we've decided to move out to Washington much sooner than anticipated.
So my lack of blogging can be explained by a huge of amount of planning, preparing, and packing for our 4th move in 10 months.
And let me tell you, packing up a house at six months pregnant is no fun and is partnered  with little motivation and zero energy.
Luckily Harrison is a hard worker and I'm a good decision-maker, pointer, and box-taper.
"That goes there, honey. We can throw that away.  Okay bring that box to me." 
So we have a little over a week before Jack and I will be west-coasters again.
Harrison has more training here, and will be joining us soon. (hopefully before this baby comes!)
Speaking of baby...
Anyone who has ever been pregnant will tell you how fabulous it is to take pregnancy photos, and I think I may win the award for most awkward poser ever.
But here I am at 27ish weeks, and this baby is wearing me out!
I'm pretty sure I'm nearly twice the size I was with Jack at this point in my pregnancy, and I am feeling it.
But I am loving all the kicks he's giving me all day long, and we can't wait for him to come!!

And Jack will be 2 1/2 years old next week
(yes, I pay attention to half birthdays)
He makes us laugh all day, everyday.
He is learning new words all the time, and even if we have to translate most of what he says to other people we still think he is the smartest two year old. Ever.
He loves, loves, loves, sports.  Basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, swimming, and anything involving a ball and a racket/paddle. 
He is so active all day which is fine with me since it makes him sleep so well.  He is still napping like a champ (2+ hours a day) and he spoils me by sleeping until 8:30 am or later.
He is starting to be "too cool" for kisses, but has really become quite the cuddler.  
He does however often kiss my tummy and say, "baby!"  
He's going to be the cutest big brother :)


The Dustins said...

You are still TINY Christine! :) You are such a cute pregnant lady!! Congrats to you guys on your 2nd boy!!

Merrick said...

oh my gosh, a week?? I can't believe you're moving that soon! Once you settle in, give me a call so I can hear all about it!

Also, I love that picture of you! And Jack is getting SO big!

The Chadwicks said...

Oh ChristineY!!!! I can't believe you guys are moving again!!! BUt'll be closer to us!!!! Good luck packing!! are the cutest little pregnant girl ever!

Becca said...

hahah pregnancy pictures are sooo awkward! you, however look adorable as usual :) you are an amazing mama and i’m sure you’re taking pregnancy, moving, and being a momma wife in stride!

Newlymeds said...

aw you look great! good luck with the move!

mmelledge said...

dang girl. I haven't seen you in forever!! hope you are doing well!!