Monday, May 9, 2011

Yays and Nays for a Monday

...In May?? Oh boy, I could keep going with that one...

Yay: Harrison is out in the field for the LAST time for his IBOLC training
Nay: He'll be gone for ten days

Yay: Jack has learned most of the alphabet and a lot of his colors!
Nay: He is biting his nails, and I have no idea how I can get him to stop!

Yay: Mother's Day was wonderful yesterday thanks to a cute little boy, and a cute husband who served me all day long
Nay: It's all over :(

Yay: Another ultrasound on Friday, and we get to find out the gender!!
Nay: Mr. Smith will miss it, and he may be hard to reach on his his cell...

What are some yays and nays for you this week?

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Kalee Rae said...

nay for pregnancy hormones, and being stuck without a car, and having a husband who is working all dayyyy long and for pregnancy symptoms that are annoying and uncomfortable.
Yay for you and for your ultrasound on friday!