Monday, May 16, 2011

A Dr. Pepper kind of day

This single parenting/being pregnant stuff ain't for sissies.
Jack was a little challenging difficult today.
He wouldn't eat anything..that I wanted him to eat, anyway.
His nap time consisted of him throwing his pillow, blanket, sippy cup, and Buzz (his sleeping companion) out of his crib over and over until I knew there was no hope in getting him to nap.
And he seemed to be taking note of everything I put away and he would pull it back out again as soon as I left the room.
Sounds like fun, no?

But then about an hour before bedtime I sat in his room with a container of yogurt while he played. And it didn't take him long to see what I was eating, and he was sitting next to me waiting for a bite. After about a minute he obviously thought I wasn't feeding him fast enough so he took the spoon and yogurt away from me to feed himself.
How could I stay frustrated with him when he looks like this?
 He was kind enough to leave me least two whole bites.
Even on days like today, I love being a mom.
I highly recommend it.


Nicole said...

We love Dr. Pepper too :) I love how u ended the post! It isn't always easy, but it's WORTH it! If there was no bad there would be no good.

Brooklynne and Steve said...

Congratulations on being pregnant!!!

Becca said...

i’ve been trying to stay away from the diet coke, but it makes me feel better to know you give in to the goodness too! good thing that kid is so darn cute :)

Ben, Hannah, & Baby Jane said...

Jack is looking like an oldie! I can't believe how big he is getting. I would have taken him to give you a break. Maybe you should move back here so I can take him off your hands while you rest.