Tuesday, April 26, 2011

little babies are so much fun

...guess who's having another one?
And guess who's excited about it?

Due October 10, 2011
16 weeks along 

Boy or Girl?
No clue yet ;)
What do we want?
Honestly...Either one would be so fun!!  (I thought I'd be dying for a girl)
Continual nausea through week 12 or so, but a breeze compared to all the throwing up I did with Jack!
However with this one, I have been exhausted!  Maybe having a toddler to chase this time around has something to do with it...

We are so thrilled to welcome another sweet baby into our home!


Merrick said...

I love that picture! He looks so old and handsome! He'll be such a great big brother. What is the date of the ultrasound??? (cause I need to mark my calendar :))

Ailinh said...

YAYAYAY! Another cute Smith baby!

Snyderemarks said...

Well, according to my dream, you shouldn't be surprised if it's a girl.

Cam said...

Wow congratulations!! How exciting for you guys!

Katie said...

Congrats, Christine! How exciting!

Call Commotion said...

How exciting!! Congrats!