Monday, June 15, 2009

Twisted Sense of Humor

Jack has a little stuffed horse that he loves and plays with all the time. Today I happened to accidentally hit the horse, and he thought that was the funniest thing ever. So here's a video of my child's sick delight in the abuse of his favorite toy. And yes, Jack is already starting to sit up by himself :)

P.S. If you couldn't tell by the previous post from last week, I do have the sweetest, most wonderful husband on the planet.


Sunshine and 70 Degrees said...

Hilarious! A baby can make everyone smile with their giggles. Thanks for sharing

Tom and Mary

Merrick said...

Haha so cute!

And I can't believe he's already starting to sit up on his own! Impressive!

EvNic said...

This is hilarious! haha

J&L Photography & Design said...

That is too cute! Baby laughs are so contagious! I love his laugh! :)