Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jan Weekend

A couple of weeks ago one of my closest friends and ex-roommates Jan came to visit me here in Oregon. It was so fun having her here. We lived together only one semester at BYU-I about 3 years ago, but have stayed so close since. She's is such a wonderful friend, and I'm so lucky she came so far to see me!!

This is for Mr. Smith. Apparently the beach brings out the lovey dovey side of me.

I'm officially a mom now - wearing my child as a backpack. (or frontpack...?)


Liz's Blog said... are a beautiful mom! So Excited to see you soon!!!! Love you!

Merrick said...

You look beautiful in these pictures!! Looks like fun!

Hopefully I can make it up there sometime before you come home...I need to start looking in to that :)