Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Finally! Some pictures from Harrison's adventures in Egypt.
Cairo Mosques

The Nile How many of us see this picture when we think of the Middle East?


This man told Harrison, "Take a picture of me!" Then put his scarf around Harrison's head and took a picture of him, then asked for a tip. And asked for more money after Harrison gave him a little. Harrison said that is how most people earn a living there - just from tips.

Harrison is doing well, staying very busy with school. They are required to speak 2 hours of Arabic a day so he and his roommates have met some Arabs and hang out with them pretty often. He was also chosen to attend a branch about an hour away in Irbid with a few other BYU students. It is an all Arabic speaking branch and on Friday (they have church on Fridays) he will be given a calling to participate there. He is really looking forward to the opportunity. Also, the stache is gone. Yes, gone. haha his choice, not mine. But I don't object :)


Merrick said...

Great pictures! Glad he's having a good time!

Kim said...

wow i think you are wonderful :)

Katie said...

wow! cool pictures! it makes me want to travel all over the world!