Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"I can't put my arms down"

I hear that it's best for your baby to sleep wrapped up with his arms down at his side in the blanket. It allows them to calm down, and sleep longer. So far this has worked really well, but lately, baby Jack just won't have it. No matter how tightly I wrap him up this always seems to be the outcome:

Not only does he get his arms out of the blanket, but he likes to keep them above his head. Do you think his little arms fall asleep like this??


Merrick said...

I sleep with my arms above my head all the time. My mom does as well. So does my older sister. My dad has yet to come to terms with this weird sleeping habit even after all these years, cause the moment he puts his arms above his head to sleep, they fall asleep.

Some people are just different. And that's why I like Jack...cause me and him are different together :)

Amber and fam said...

My mom told me that when babies sleep like that it's a sign that they are completely relaxed and comfortable with their surroundings. So, if that's true, it shows that he trusts you and feels loved, so it could be a good thing! :o) He is so cute, by the way!!

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

Maybe he's having dreams of cheering at a sporting event? :)


J&L Photography & Design said...

He is just too cute! :)I won't give you my opinion on his sleeping because well...I don't know! I'll be asking YOU this one day! :) haha!

Jessica said...

My jack did the same!