Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Deployment update

Okay, it's been four months since my last post. Life gets pretty busy around here.
We're coming up on 5 months since Harrison left!! Finally closer to the end than the beginning.
He is doing well over there. Staying so busy, loving his job, his men, and the work they're doing there.
Pictures from the last few months:
Harrison reenlisting a soldier from his platoon

Attack Company leadership meeting. (H is the only one not in his camo)
Harrison briefing his guys before a mission

H is the one standing up in the middle with the radio and antenna
1LT Smith with 1SG Johnson
Isn't Afghanistan beautiful...?
H is on the right...just in case you weren't sure...
H (far right) with some of the men in 1st PLT. (see the other PLs in the truck?)
During a convoy
View from the trucks they drive
My studly man
H bossing more people around (just kidding, honey)
My view on Skype.  I love him.


Becky said...

This was posted just in time for our "Armor of God" lesson in seminary. I guess I hadn't paid too much attention to "real" armor lately. It must get pretty hot wearing all that stuff. Thanks for all both of you do to keep our country safe. We appreciate it!

Chelsea said...

I'd like to just say...

This is what I see when I think HERO.
Go H.
H stands for "Hero" also.

The Cornett Family said...

Ahh!! You're almost there! It looks like he's doing well. Way to go Harrison...AND Christine!!!