Saturday, October 2, 2010

Army News (part 2)

Did I say we were leaving Provo in April?...I meant February.
There was a mistake in the information we first received so  
we report to 
Ft. Benning, GA February 13th.

And...Want to know where our first duty station is after that?
Ft. Campbell, Kentucky!
Home of the 101st Airborne Division

This was the fourth choice on our list, but besides Washington (our first choice) we didn't have any huge connections anywhere else so we're thrilled with the duty station we've been assigned to!  Harrison has lived at Ft. Campbell twice already and he and his family loved it, and we have heard terrific things about this base.  We're so excited for our adventures to come!


Katie said...

Hey, that's pretty cool! Thomas and I recently moved out here to Indiana, so you'll be our neighbor state :) We really like it out here so far, there's a definite charm to the "midwest".

Brooklynne and Steve said...

yay for Fort Benning!!! It wasn't in my mission boundaries but a really cool family I taught ended up moving there, so at the end of my mission I drove there to visit them!! I really liked the base a lot. Very scenic :) Good luck!