Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Army News (part 1)

We just found out when our life in Provo ends.

April 17th.
We're reporting to Ft. Benning, Georgia for Harrison's Army Infantry Training.
Then August 21-October 21 he will go to Ranger School.
We're still waiting to hear where we'll be going after our 7 months of living in Georgia.
Here are our top three choices for our first duty station:
1. Ft. Lewis, Washington (close to my parents and Harrison's brother and sister-in-law)
2. Hawaii (who wouldn't want to live in Hawaii??)
3. Ft. Stewart, Georgia (Harrison went to high school there)
We're crossing our fingers for one of these three, but the Army will send us where the Army needs us.

It's good to at least know something about our soon-to-be life in the military :)
Stay tuned for part two of our Army News.


Nicole said...

Ya!! That is exciting news. When do you find out where u are going after that? (Is that what you find out in Oct?) How long will you be at "that" place?

Ailinh Harris said...

Ft. Benning?

Aaron will be in Ft. Benning for OCS then will remain there for further training, so we will also be there come April.
This might be a high chance that I will get to bump into you there! I am excited!

Call Commotion said...

Moving to Georgia makes you only 5 hours away from us in Jacksonville, FL. :)

Liz's Blog said...


Amanda and Miles said...

We are just across the state from you. We live just over the GA border in SC.