Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things I've learned this summer

1. Jack is a water baby. He has loved playing in the pool, the beach, and even the "pool" we made for him by filling up the ice chest with water for him to splash around in.

2. I like to hike. Who knew? We hiked the "Y" this summer, and it was so fun. I'm glad we got to do it before we leave Provo (whenever that is...)

3. A little (very little) about what it's like to be a military wife. My cute husband was commissioned as an officer in the US Army. He did so well at LDAC and I'm so proud of him!!

4. I love hanging out with my family. (ok I've always known this, but I got to do a lot of it this summer.)

Hope your summer has been as fantastic as ours!!


Nicole said...

cute, cute! Love the cooler idea :)

Merrick said...

Love your little collages :)