Monday, August 30, 2010

18 Month Stats

For the people that read this blog (the 3 of you out there..) I'm SO SORRY I've been slacking in keeping it updated lately. I feel like we have been busy busy, but not with super interesting post-worthy things. But Jack had his 18 month check-up appointment today (yes, he's actually 19 months now...obviously I have been slacking in other things besides blogging...)

Weight: 25.13 lbs - 30th percentile -I guess all that running around he does is burning off a few pounds...
Height: 33.5 in. - 75th percentile
Head circumference: 19.75 in - 95th percentile. As always, his head is growing faster than the rest of him :)Jack loves:
-Music and dancing. Especially anything with a hip hop beat haha but he's been known to break out his dance moves during the hymns at church too. He loves swinging those hips around.
-Hercules (we're on a 3 a day average of watching the first 30 mins of this one), Sid the Science Kid, and Alvin & the Chipmunks - notice a pattern in these? ALL have lots of music, and lots of dancing.
-Playing in the bathtub. Even when it's empty. He would play in there with his bath toys all day if I let him.
-Books, books, books.
-Playing at the park.

Jack can say:
(in sign language:)
-All done
-Thank You

(Verbally - mostly understandable:)
-Airplane ("Air!")
-Mom (if bribed...)
-Zeus (okay, Harrison doesn't believe me on this one, but I SWEAR he said it after watching all of this Hercules lately)
-Jesus ("e-sus")
-Outside/Slide ("side")

He is such a cheerful bab--toddler! He is growing up so fast! We love him so much!


Nicole said...

Wahoo! How's is nursery going? As I write, lol, Wesley is playing in the tub :)

Krewson Family said...

Wow what a stud of a kid! great picture of little jack, he does have awesome genes. :)