Monday, May 3, 2010

Provo 1/2 Marathon

My stud-of-a-husband ran the Provo 1/2 marathon on Saturday. He got 3rd place in his age group and 10th place overall!! See? Stud. Jack and I had fun driving to different points in the race to cheer him on. We only wish the weather were better - rain, hail, and snow?? Isn't it supposed to be May??

I love the determination on his face...
this was right before the finish

Harrison's cheerleaders:

Way to go, Mr. Smith, we're so proud of you!!


Becca said...

That's awesome!!! I want to do one sometime too....we'll see... Yeah the weather has been crazy. I'm ready for some heat, or at least no more snow!!

Kelsey Redd said...

Holy cow!! He's amazing!! We're just hoping to finish our half marathon!!!!

brittna said...

i ran that last year and it was snowing too...ugh!!