Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Feeling Blessed

Harrison is gone again.
Surprise, surprise.
This time for a month, and starting Thursday, we will have zero communication until he's on his way home.
He's training at the NTC (National Training Center) at Ft. Irwin, CA.
We're definitely not strangers to being apart.
In fact, I was thinking today that by the time he gets home, we will have been apart 5 out of the past 11 months.
Definitely the most we've experienced in such a short time frame.
But I am almost certain that longer periods apart are in our future.

Many people I talk to (mostly non-military) say something along the lines of "I bet you're used to him being gone by now..."
Nope, I'm definitely not.
I still hate sleeping alone, it's still hard being a single parent, and I miss him like crazy when he's away.
So even though I'm not exactly "used to him being gone," I'm getting much better at it.
Much, much, better.
I've learned to stay busy.
I get all my crafting, deep cleaning, book reading, Gilmore Girl watching done while he's gone.
And I have to get out of the house.
This means showering, wearing real clothes, putting on make-up, and doing something away from home.
Sounds like a small task, but when you don't have a husband to look good for at the end of the day, it can be daunting.
I am trying to think of places to take my kids.
Jack gets cabin fever, and with all this rain we're having (where are you, summer?) I have to get creative in getting his energy out.
We go to the children's museum, indoor playgrounds, bowling, or even McDonald's to play in the play equipment.
And if that means I have to buy a vanilla cone while I'm there, so be it...

When Jack plays, he naps.
When he naps, he's happy.
When he's happy, I'm happy.

I also feel so blessed to have friends here to go out with and let our kiddos play together, and other military wives that can relate to my situation.  And I think the biggest blessing I have living here, is being by family.  Harrison's brother and his family live 10 miles away, and my family is two hours away.  They give me the sanity I need while Harrison is gone!! 

I know one day we'll move, and have more kids, and Harrison will be gone longer, and maybe to a more dangerous place.  But for now, I'm figuring this separation thing out the best way I can, and I'm feeling so blessed.


Nicole said...

What an amazing family you have! tough stuff! I hate sleeping alone too :( nBut your right, there is always a bright side to everything! :) Love ya! Call me or i will call you :)

Krewson Family said...

You are so good Christine :) I really admire all that you do and know those struggles are very real. Thanks for being so optimistic it's inspiring!

tolm2535 said...

Hang in there!!!! If you need anything - we are ALWAYS home, and we are not too far away :) I think your doing a great job!!!!

The Chadwicks said...

you are so sweet!!

Merrick said...

Man, you are so strong. Good luck over the next month! So glad you have family close by!

Liz's Blog said...

come over anytime sweet sister! love you!