Saturday, January 28, 2012

And then there were three...

Lt. Smith has left us again for more training out in the field.
This time for only a month.
Is it strange that I was excited to hear it was only a month??
Last night at dinner Jack said, "Daddy leaves so much."
...insert heartbreak here...
Poor guy is getting old enough now to realize when Harrison is gone.
Hopefully one day he'll understand how important his Daddy's job really is.
But until that time we'll make paper chains to count down the days until his return.
Maybe it'll help me too :)


Sara said...

Sad and cute at the same time. I hope the next month passes quickly!

Nicole said...

You are one tough family!! Your a great mama Christine!

April Rebecca said...

A paper chain is such a great idea. Christine the happy times will out weigh the sad lonely times when Harrison is away. I know you know this and seperations are still so hard so hang in there. I am thinking of you and understand all too well how you feel. love you Mom