Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas shopping, done right.

This year I did all of my Christmas shopping online.  All of it. Easiest year ever.  Thanks to Amazon, I got everything cheaper than I would have in the store anyway, and they offer free 2-day shipping.  Can't beat that.  Not to mention I get package after package delivered to my house.  Who doesn't like getting mail? I have a feeling I will know the UPS delivery man very well by the end of this week.
Although, hopefully it won't be this slightly creepy UPS delivery man.

Thank you, modern technology.  No crowds, no lines, no bored kiddos, and since Mr. Smith and I are still the owners of only one car, we can relax when he gets home from work instead of hurrying out to find more presents.  Online shopping is the way to go.

Who's with me??


April Rebecca said...

I am so with you Christine especially for moms of little ones. Good for you.
I however am in a strange time in my life where I love to go shopping and in a great place to do it. That however will not always be the case so I will do it while I can.
kiss my grands for me
love Mom Smith

The Chadwicks said...

ha! I love it! I do all my shopping online too! :) It's great!

Nav said...

I am with you girl, online shopping rocks!

xo Nav