Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pizza, anyone?

I heard someone describe themselves as a "Halloween Scrooge" and I've decided to adopt that title as my own.
I don't really like Halloween.
I hardly ever, ever dress up.  It's too much pressure for me.  I have always felt that costumes are intended for the extremely creative, or those who don't mind showing some a lot of skin.  I am neither.
Maybe when Jack is older and appreciates the holiday (if you can call it that) I'll enjoy it more.
But, who doesn't love the excuse to dress their kids up in adorable, ridiculous outfits?


Ailinh Harris said...

He looks so nummers! Cutest pizza I've ever seen.

Kelsey Redd said...

Oh scrooge!! Remember when you were a spider and we stuffed those stockings!? That was a cool costume! I LOOVE the pizza..kinda made me hungry...