Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Day to Remember

As of this week, I am 100% done nursing. DONE. It couldn't have come any sooner either. I keep waiting for this feeling everyone talks about of sadness and separation from Jack, but it hasn't come yet. Instead I feel relief and freedom! Don't get me wrong, I love Mr. Jack and he is the sweetest little boy ever, but I haven't been away from the little guy for more than 4 hours or so at a time since he was born. So needless to say, it will be nice to have a break. Harrison and I need a night away.
Any takers?? :)


Case and Kate said...

uh YES. tell me when and where. we'd love to play with him for as long as you need. and i'm not working right now, so it's perfect timing. anyway, well, think on it. --katie

Levi and Katie Whited said...

OOOO! We'll take him for a night! He is so cute!

Liz's Blog said...

YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! We will take Jack for as long as you will let him come stay with his Auntie Liz and Jacob!!!! Come play with us!!!! Love you!