Monday, September 21, 2009

Roommate Reunion!!

My freshman year at BYU-Idaho I lived with 5 other girls. We were all pretty different, but we got along SO WELL. How many times do you hear about 5 girls living together for four months without one problem?? That was us. It has been three years since that Fall semester, but we all keep in touch and we met this past weekend for lunch. It was so fun to see each other and to catch up on our lives. We've all been busy from school, work, missions, marriages, and babies that is was great to find time together!! All but one of us was able to come, and it was a blast. We missed you, Jan!!


Jan, Lindsey, Jane, Mary Beth, Me, and Alyssa

After having lunch in Pocatello, we headed up to Rexburg to see more friends, and I couldn't help but take some pictures of the beautiful Rexburg temple.

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Pierce and Stacy said...

So I forgot to tell you. One of my mission companions went to Jordan this summer with Harrison. Her name is Rebecca Nelson. She said he was a good friend and a nice guy - I just had to tell you about our friend in common. We should hang out soon!