Monday, January 26, 2009

Labor Day

Ok, now that things have calmed down (...a little) I finally have time to show off more pictures of our little one!! We came home Saturday afternoon, and things have been so wonderful. Crazy and tiring, yes, but we're loving every minute of it :) Harrison can't get enough of his little boy, and it's so fun to watch him interact with baby Jack. I truly feel so blessed to have a little family of my own.

Last Prego Picture @ 41 weeks

Labor Day morning...BEFORE the pain began

Last picture before becoming parents!!

16 hours later...11:10 pm

Just a few minutes old

Cool Aunt Lindsay

Dressed and heading for home
Going home! YAY!!

A smile??

As a side note, although a very important side note, today is my and Harrison's one year anniversary :) I can't believe how fast time flies, and how much can happen in one year!!


EvNic said...

he is sooo cute! I can't wait to see him. Congrats on your one year! It's been a busy year ;)

Merrick said...

Happy Anniversary (yesterday)! Hope you're feeling better...can't wait to see Jack again :)

missbritt said...

OMG I still can't believe you have a baby - congrats! He is so cute and chubby!

Nate + Carlee said...

He is so beautiful! We are so happy for you guys! As a side note, you look ridiculously good for having just had a baby. I'm jealous, No, seriously. Can't wait to meet him in person!

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

He's adorable! And I agree with Carlee, you look so good for just having given birth.

emily salway said...

You look amazing!! And Jack looks adorable! Cute jammies:) And Happy Anniversary!

Brittany and Dustin said...

Christine! You are so cute! Even at 41 weeks you were not fat! :) ha. Jack is so cute! You're going to be a great mommy!

J&L Photography & Design said...

He is so cute! And Happy Anniversary! :)