Thursday, October 9, 2008

Are we there yet?

26 weeks...and counting. I cannot wait for this precious little boy to come into our lives. It's getting harder and harder to work. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I love the people I work with (although my boss is slightly insane...but who's boss isn't??) it pays well, especially for Provo, and it's been super flexible with my pregnancy and whatever time I need off for "mommy matters". So why do I want to be done? I don't want it to be my main priority anymore. Of course Harrison is my #1, but I spend 8+ hours a day doing things that make no impact in my personal life or the future to come. I do get satisfaction from a hard day's work, but I want to get satisfaction from a Mom day's work. I want to put all my energy into caring for our little boy and to being a better wife (I will cook more...I will cook more....) I told my job I'd work until Christmas so I only have a little over two months to go!!

I do have a confession however. This morning I used this pregnancy to my advantage. I may have called into work telling them I would be late due to the bad night's sleep I had..which is entirely true. Little Jack, (there I publicly announced the name we're planning on) likes to kick and it mostly comes when I'm trying to sleep. I told them I would be in a couple hours later...I told you, I have the best job ever. Not only that but I was an evil influence on Harrison and convinced him to play hookie and miss his first class. This was a first for him this semester, and probably a last...he's not the college student I once was. We hardly see each other much anymore between school, ROTC, studying, work, church meetings...we're SO busy!! So we spent the morning together and it was SO wonderful :) He brought me breakfast in bed (he's so sweet) and we played a few games of "Pass the Pigs". If you haven't played it, play it, love it. Then it was off to our normal day. But it was so wonderful to get some extra time with him this morning. Thank goodness for days like today.

Here is the latest belly shot. The lighting turned out a little strange so I made it black and white.


Liz's Blog said...
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EvNic said...

Love the pic, so cute! Miss you!

Merrick said...

I loved this post :) I wish Philip could play hookie from work every once in a while. Life needs days like that.

By the way, you look gorgeous in that belly picture.

Merrick said...
That one's for a Mac.
That one's for a PC.

Merrick said...

The other one was too big.

Liz's Blog said... are one Hot Momma!
I miss you tons. It was great to watch conference with you! Jacob misses Aunt Teen and Monkey!!!!

Amber said...

Christine you are so adorable! I love the name Jack too! Enjoy working while it lasts....being a mommy is EXHAUSTING! You will be great!!

Becky said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hi to two wonderful people. Have a great day :)

justjen said...

You are for sure the cutest little mommy I have seen! Thanks for the little glimpses into your cute little world!