Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Baby Bump.

Many have asked to see this picture...although I'm not sure why. I look so terribly awkward, and I don't like the fact that we're all turning our attention to the roundest part of my body. haha, but i guess that's what happens when you're pregnant :)

All is well with our little boy. He is healthy and happy (okay, maybe I'm assuming that one) but he sure does like to move around a lot. Especially when his mom is lying down to go to sleep :) It's fun to feel and see him moving around. He's getting so strong, sometimes his little foot/elbow/knee...something...forces its way up hard enough for us to see the impact of it. It's a crazy new feeling, but we love it. And we can't wait to have him here!!


Liz's Blog said...

Hi Hot Momma! You are absolutely beautiful!!!! I can't wait to see you! If you guys can...I know this is short notice but Me, Pat and Jacob are going to Grandma's and Grandpa's this if ya'll want to meet in St George, we would love to see you guys. I'll call you in the morning.
Love you!!!!

AngelaBeth said...

You're not awkward! You're absolutely radiant! I'm so excited for you to have a baby Christine. Congrats again! Keep me updated!!! :)

The Millers said...

You look so good pregnant! I hope I look as cute a you do when Im pregnant someday!

emily salway said...

You look so cute!! Keep taking pictures of the belly:)
And thank you for the baby gift! He's sure to be a fire fighter now.

Merrick said...'re so not awkward. I love seeing the baby bump grow!! I'll see it tomorrow....but only during our designated 15 mins :)

Brittany said...

Christine! You are so stinking cute preg! You're all skinny! Congrats again. I love you!

April said...

My dear ones,
Christine I must say that is my favorite bump that you have. I am pretty sure Harrison will be okay with me saying that since he was my bump at one time.
I am so sorry we live so far apart. I am beginning to understand how Grandma Smith felt when we left for our first assignment to Ft. Rucker.
I miss amd love you both so much.
Thank you for being so loving to each other.
Momma Smith

Mallory said...

Christine, you're too cute! But, geez, that makes me feel old 'cause I remember (vaguely) when you were born!

Levi and Katie Whited said...

Christine! You are getting to cute! I love your little baby bump!!! Hey when are you going to be heading down this way again? I miss you guys both so much love ya!