Friday, August 29, 2008

It's a boy!!

Today we went to see the doctor and find out that we're having a little boy :) We're so excited!! I was so nervous going into this appointment. Not only about finding out the gender, but I was just hoping and praying that the ultrasound would show a healthy little baby, and it did!! Harrison and I feel truly blessed to be having this little boy, and to be blessed with him so soon into our marriage. We're now 20 weeks and counting!! Halfway there!!


Liz's Blog said...

Congrats!!!! I am so excited to be an Auntie! I told Jacob that Aunt Teen had a baby boy in her tummy and he started jumping up and down! He is going to love having a cousin to play with. You are going to be such a good mom. I feel so blessed that we are sisters ! Love you tons!

Merrick said...

Hooray!! I know I already told you congratulations, but I'll say it again cause I'm so excited for you and Harrison!! See you in the morning :)

EvNic said...

So I was just looking over your blog again and it made me think of this guy evan worked with this summer. All summer long they were told they were having a girl...well they had their baby a couple of weeks ago and it was definetly not a was a boy! I guess you never know :)